Sometimes I write about the video games I play. I participate in a game club with friends and share notes here. Find more of my thoughts in real-time on Twitter.

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Christianity & Culture

Alongside video games I have a passion for Christian theology and the cross-section of Christianity and contemporary culture. My brother has started asking me theology questions. Occasionally I may post them here. Below is our first exchange. Prompt: What did culture look like for biblical times and how do we as Christians approach our respective “cultures” […]

Immersion in CHILD OF EDEN

Child of Eden is an arcade game. Fundamentally, that’s all it is; mechanically, it’s not much more than a rail shooter or sh’mup. And then it’s a symphony; it’s Euro pop or trance. Then it’s a light show synchronized to that symphony. And suddenly you’re inside of it, controlling the light show. Only you’re not controlling […]

LUNAR & Games as Interactive Stories

Last summer I felt the desire to retread an RPG from my childhood. I wanted something simple and familiar. I dug out Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete for the PlayStation and plopped it into my PlayStation 3 to see how it matched my memories. What impressed me most in my trot down memory lane were the lack […]

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